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United Kingdom

July 2009

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Beata Harasim

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I have often found myself in the position of outside observer. All my paintings are inspired by my observation of the natural world. I have been interested in painting from very young age.I have been living and paining in UK since 2005. This art is designed to spark a reconnection between you and the magnificence of nature. Landscapes, seascapes, nature, flowers are my excuses to turn a blank canvas into alive and vibrant scene. My palette and painting knifes are my tools to express the color, texture, light and energy. Acrylic become my favorite medium. I enjoy big canvases. I love to experiment with he size of canvas and play with texture, movement and saturation of the paint. I am inspired by the peace and tranquility of the natural world, and this peace, tranquility and energy is what i hope to transmit to those who observe my paintings. When someone enjoys my paintings I feel that they are entering my paintings and touching me. Most of my creations dwell within the homes of her admirers.


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Submitted by Customer 20/02/2017


Lovely picture. As shown on website. Packaged well and delivered undamaged.

Submitted by Customer 20/02/2017