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United Kingdom

March 2013

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Ashlie Urquhart

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Ashlie Urquhart is a professional artist, Inspired by life & her surroundings and anything that takes her fancy...Hope you will be inspired too.... After getting myself into Art College at the age of 19 where I gained 2 diploma's, one in Art and the other in Art & Design. I then went on to study at the University of Plymouth as I fancied being surrounded by the countryside, where I gained a degree in Printed Textile and Design. Much later down the line, studied at University of Greenwich & gained a degree in Multimedia Technology. After working on and off in the design world mostly freelancing, I decided to start to exhibit my work and sell, after much encouragement... I am fully committed to my art. I like to work with Acrylics, pens & markers. On canvas, paper & work small to large scale. I'm always exploring & creating ideas so may work in other mediums as well at times, from spray paint to collage. Contemporary-Surreal Edge-Fantasy Artist. My textile background influences my art also. I don’t really like to restrict myself from growing and exploring different styles or Mediums. My work has received interest from both customers and galleries.


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