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My works have been reproduced by Solomon & Whitehead, Royals, Gibsons, Map Marketing and Stag Gallery
I was the illustrator of best selling Children's series, Timbo the Tractor and have had several books published, plus my cartoons have appeared in several magazines.
I have had both shared and solo exhibitions in UK, Europe and USA, my work being represented over the years by several galleries in UK (incl. Harrods of London), USA and Belgium

United Kingdom

University of Brighton but mainly self taught!

January 2021

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Named after my Belgian Grandfather who was also an artist, I have made art my full time profession since 1980. In the 1980's and 90's, I worked mainly in pen, ink & watercolour but in 2000 changed course and for 18 years (together with my wife) ran a very successful business based on my cartoon work, mainly using ink & cray0n. Retiring from the business at the end of 2019, I finally had the time to devote to my favourite subject and medium, sea, river and rural landscapes in OILS.


Brought up in Kenya, and sent back to an English boarding school for my education, I returned to Africa to my mid twenties whence I returned to Britain and took up my artistic career and never looked back! The object of my landscape work is to draw the viewer into the scene and make them feel a part of its quiet serenity whilst my humorous art is to put a smile on people 's faces!


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