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April 2017

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Antigoni Tziora

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Antigoni Tziora is a figurative artist based in Greece. .Inspired by the graceful elegance of the female form, movement, surprising color combinations. Her subject refers to the human figure. In her paintings she uses acrylics, and having experimented and used various materials and techniques which give more expressiveness to the subject such as inks, watercolors and metal leafs.In her work, we find a strong expression of creative energy, the dominance of materials , and the way she effortlessly blends them together combined with the emotion and passion with which she paints gives her work a feeling of spontaneity and vibrancy.She has presented her works in various exhibitions in Greece. Her works are in private collections in Greece, USA, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and Canada. 'It makes me happy to see people enjoying my art .With my paintings I strive to get a feeling of air. I want to express a romantic emotion'.



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