Anthony Kavanagh |

Exhibition in South Wales 2013

United Kingdom

Access to fine art 2011
Commendation in psychiatric nursing 2002
Foundation Degree in art and design 2019-2021

December 2013

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Anthony Kavanagh

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About Anthony Kavanagh I have used art in general since I was around 11 years old as a world into which I felt very happy in. My imagination during those years was a place of constant exploring and enjoyment poured out upon paper constantly. My art tutor then encouraged me to go on to study art,but I did not. Life happened, and I kept it as a hobby through the years only using it as a medium for emotion and inspiration. I became a psychiatric nurse and spent my working life in that field. It is last year that I engaged in the below degree,so momentum and inspiration for producing more art than I ever have,enjoying the labyrinth I am re-exploring. My work on here has emerged from various sources,both realistic and within my imagination. My Journey to China in 2016 was fascinating and I gained high inspiration from being there. Absorbing all I could off the tourist track. Doing this degree has assisted me in a formal sense,the main focus being on love of expression. Specifically within people. Although,I also enjoy other forms of painting,such as expressionism,graphics, mono-printing,typography and loads more. I am currently working on a project which is focused on artificial intelligence (AI) in relation to how it is making a huge impact within the artworld currently and analysing some of the work produced. This is new for me and very intuinging My visual work relating to this theme will be exhibited here later. Less Education: Access to fine art - one year 2011 Diploma in psychiatric nursing -2002 Foundation degree in art and design-2019-currently. Events: Exhibit in Wales UK -2014 Exhibit this year in May-Birmingham-UK Exhibitions: See above


Art is..............not a science,so it cannot be specifically measured only communicated via the matrix of a mind. Argue for your limitations and sure enough,they are yours.


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