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United Kingdom

January 2015

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Anna Maria Ratusz

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“It is never too late to be what you might have been” George Eliot Anna Maria Ratusz, born in Poland and based in London since 2004, is an independent artist specialised in oil and acrylic paint on canvas. Having a passion for colours and textures, Anna painted since she was a child, getting involved in school art workshops and events. After becoming a qualified make-up artist, she developed an interest in recreating emotions through art and decided to focus on painting on a bigger scale. Having recently spent one year living and teaching painting techniques to children in Bali (Indonesia), she discovered that nature played a fundamental part in her life. Her future projects will be based in creating different textures of the earth and her travelling experiences. Using natural earth colours, abstracts forms, female anatomy, she composed unique pieces that are currently on sale in the following three series: “The Earth from the Exosphere,” “Ethnic Beauty” and “Essential Elements of Life” I hope you enjoy visiting my gallery and join me through my magnificent journey of emotions on canvas!


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