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United Kingdom

March 2017

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Anna Kolos

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Anna is a UK based professional modern artist with Russian roots. She is a bright presenter of contemporary European art school of painting. Highly educated at Belarusian State Academy of Arts (2000-2007) she continues her creative experiments during ten years in different artistic projects. In her creations she focused to display personal emotions through the power of rich pallet. Her distinctive fluid is infinite texture, elegant composition and fascinating style. Admiration for richness of pallet moves Anna to create original paintings with a plethora of colour, and a blend of harmony, drama, presence and dissolve. As a professional, Anna presents herself in various genres: portrait, landscape, still life, modern conversation piece, abstract art. To achieve the highest point of expression she is using different techniques, discovering the variety of mediums: sanguine sketches and drawing, acrylics and oils, woodcutting printed on canvas in combination with mixed media…Growing up in her investigations she created her own technique, which she propose to appreciate to the audience. BIOGRAPHY Anna Kolos, a professional modern painter, was born in Minsk, Belarus, 1981. In 2000 she graduated from Minsk Artistic Liceum and has been awarded a Scholar of President of the Republic of Belarus on support of talented youth in art and crafts. 2007 graduated Belarusian State Academy of Arts with first-class honors in faculty easel graphics. Since 1997 till present she took part in different exhibitions in Belarus and abroad. Anna Kolos works are presented in private collections of Belarus, Russia, Cyprus, England, Switzerland , Germany. The Main Expositions: 2003 – Exposition pavilion BelEXPO Minsk exhibition “World by view of orthodox artist”. 2006 – Republic Gallery of Arts (Belarusian Union of Artists) Minsk exhibition “Belarus Graphic -2006”, etching mixed medium “Break Boarder” 80x55cm. 2006 – Republic Gallery of Arts (Belarusian Union of Artists) Minsk exhibition “Love confession”, engraving cardboard “Deo Sakra” 48x68cm. 2006 – Exposition pavilion “Manezh” Moscow, linocuts. 2008 – Republic Gallery of Arts (Belarusian Union of Artists) Minsk exhibition “Valentines2008”, engraving cardboard, mixed medium “Hint. Remembrance” 75x90cm. 2012 – Exhibited in Art Studio Michail Ebanoidze, Limassol Cyprus. 2014 – Craft bespoke project Orthodox Skit, Monagry, Limassol Cyprus. 2016 – Personal project “Revenge”, private collection Limassol, Cyprus. 2016 – Personal project “Italian Roses”, private collection Lugano, Switzerland. 2017 - Exposition pavilion “House of Pictures” Minsk exhibition “I’m Mone. I’m Shishkin. I’m Shagal ”, engraving cardboard “December” 99x90cm.


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