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United Kingdom

January 2014

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Andy Harwood

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Having had no formal art education, other than "0" and "A" levels at school, I feel my art education began as a child, growing up in the north of Spain, in the area where Salvador Dali lived and I became hugely influenced by his surreal style. Since that time I have continued to paint for my own enjoyment and relaxation and have found an interest in portraiture as well as my more imaginative and surrealistic work. Being a keen sportsman and having represented and captained Great Britain at American football, I gravitated to painting my sporting heroes, as well as music and movie stars. It was only when some of the famous people I had painted, began to show an interest and hung my paintings on their walls, that I began to dream that I could make it as an artist. So here I am now. I hope you enjoy my work and help me to live my dream.


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