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United Kingdom

January 2014

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Andy Davey

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I paint as a form of free expression. Besides being a wonderful all-consuming thing for that reason alone, it is a release from the editorial and graphic restrictions of drawing cartoons professionally for magazines and newspapers, which I have done for over 20 years. I use acrylics and oils; acrylics for their suitability to quick, dynamic "action" painting, oils for their rich depth of colour and unrivalled on-canvas mixing effects. My abstract paintings are based on simple meditation, though sometimes inspired by natural landscape forms. My landscapes are also mostly expressionistic. They are not meant as mimetic, photo-realist renderings of a scene - rather to evoke and expand my emotional response to a composition, either experienced directly or from a photograph. In all the work, I seek a compositional balance between comfort and dissonance. There is for me a point of beauty between the two, though where that balance point lies is subjective for each viewer.


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