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United Kingdom

October 2016

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Andrzej Zagdan

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“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” . Arthur Ashe. . . ​ So I did... One day I bought canvas, brushes and paints and I said to myself: "Lets try" My name is Andrzej Zagdan. I was born in Poland in 1978. Now I am living in North East part of England in Washington (some say it is the original one). I think that I am a multitasking person. I was doing several interesting things in my life. I was working as an electrician, sales representative, supply specialist, international lorry driver and taxi driver. A few years ago I decided to come back to my forgotten passion, painting. My favourite subject are people. Almost all of my artwork are portraits of people who inspire me, people I admire and finally people who left something interesting in this world for next generations. I am trying to express in my own way how I see those famous people. Among many different mediums I choose Acrylics, probably because I am little impatient. I am not sure whether that is an advantage or disadvantage but that is  who I am. What can I say more about myself? I don't know. I didn't have any solo exhibitions in famous places or excellent art galleries. But who knows, maybe one day.  ​ ​



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