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United Kingdom

August 2014

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Andrew Rastegarnia

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I started painting from a very early age and it became obvious to my teachers in school that I had passion and talent for this expressive medium. I started painting set designs for the school plays. A particularly memorable one was a scene from an adaptation of Tchaikovsky’s The Nut Cracker Suite. I continued painting during my teens and drew a lot of inspiration from my favourite Impressionist painter Van Gogh. I studied European Languages Culture and Society in Goldsmiths where I broadened my understanding of artistic movements and ideologies, such as Surrealism, Dadaism and so on and continued to develop my style of painting into what it is today. I painted pictures that were donated to charities so they could be sold to raise money for the homeless. This is a social issue that I feel strongly about and money raised from selling my pieces still goes to helping these people. 10% of the money raised from my paintings goes to the Tripura Foundation, which helps to feed and educate millions of children in the poorest parts of India. I love abstract art with storylines and storytelling. My artwork now mixes abstract esoteric themes (things such as the Tree of Life, hermeneutics, alchemy Vortex energy and so on) and conspiracy theories (Reptilian human enslavement, NWO themes UFOs, DNA manipulation etc.) and sacred geometry (Metatron’s Cube, pyramids, flower of life and ancient sacred mandalas) within the paintings themselves. Each painting has within it a story that I have ascribed to but the abstraction also allows for the viewers to place their own perception and meaning upon the painting. My paintings aim to raise conscious awareness and speak to the very core of human consciousness. My paintings are abstract in everyway and form. I love structure without the formality; I am raw passion on canvas. I do not regularly use a paintbrush. I use my hands and fingers and lumps of wood, to create the colourful dynamism and textures my paintings have.


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