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February 2011

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Andrew Gruffudd

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It is not for me to ascribe any special skill or talent to myself. Of course, I may look upon the results of my labours and be pleased that I have done this thing, although I see myself more as a channeller, somewhat like Fra. Giovanni Angelico, than an originator. Or maybe... maybe I need some modicum of ability in order to be channelled through. After all, if paint is to flow to canvas, it still needs the essential "paint"ness to correctly convey the pigment which builds into quite literally the bigger picture and thus delights the eye; and so does the painter have to know how to translate that vision implanted in his sub-consciousness into paint and thus under the skin of the viewer. And this is essentially what I do. I am a purveyor of beauty in many artistic forms. I write, I compose music, I sculpt, draw and, by no means least of all, I paint. Far be it from me to call myself a virtuoso, a renaissance man or anything of the sort, 'though it is an accusation I have borne stoically on many occasions; but for me it is merely seeking the best way to manifest beauty in a way that speaks to the most people, or the people who need to see it most. And as not all beauty is conventionally beautiful or, indeed, anything but ugly at first glance, so the product of my artistic ventures is not always as straightforward as bluebells-and-roses prettiness. I come from an artistic family - my veins course with crimson acrylic and ultramarine oil. Of course, my signed name doesn't reflect this genetic predisposition, for I wish to be taken on the results of my own labours, not of theirs. I mention it merely to account for my schooling for, whilst I haven't studied art beyond compulsory academia, nevertheless I feel I can hold my own because the formative atmosphere of a household where artistic expression was the dominant note has allowed me to plough my own furrow notwithstanding the mores of the establishment. Is this not, after all, what the pre-Raphaelite brotherhood did, to sublime effect?


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