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United Kingdom

November 2014

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Andrew Calladine

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I have been interested in art from a very early age when I had a tin of paints with Noddy & Big Ears on the front. Through school I developed the basics of painting and started to experiment with different styles and media so I still consider myself as self-taught. After leaving school I had very little time to paint with work commitments but still enjoyed putting brush to canvas when I could. I started painting regularly again in 2000 when I bought a small box of paints and started by copying Xmas card scenes. As I developed with practice, friends and family were asking for Portraits of pets, and then onto Portraits of family members. Since then I have done commissions for Portraits, Pets , Race Horses, Landscapes and Contemporary works. Oil on canvas is my preferred choice of materials as oil is more forgiving, but I will use acrylics and have also started to work with watercolour. I love to experiment with different styles and ideas with mixed results. Finally I would like to add that like most artists I am a perfectionist and will not release any painting until I am satisfied that the work is completed to my own high standard, and that the owner will enjoy showing the piece as much as I enjoy painting it.


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