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United Kingdom

Fashion & Textiles Degree Manchester

November 2016

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Mrs Amina Sly-Khan

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Art has been and is my life. I've been head of Art at various schools for the past 22 years. Alongside this, I've had numerous art exhibitions in Nottinghamshire, Surrey, Lincolnshire and Liverpool. I also take commissions and run workshops. My successful workshops have been in watercolours, silk painting, mixed media, and portraiture. I paint and sell work from my art studio/gallery which is open to the public by appointment only. My gallery of works is bright, light, and housed in my Lincolnshire garden. My very friendly Jack Russell is a U.S.P and my clients love to bring him treats and cuddle him, he always sits in every workshop and observes. I work in acrylics and mixed media but also love to print and paint in watercolours and inks. My subject matter is nature but I have so many inspirations from my travels around the world. I'm continually working on new subjects and developing my art by experimenting with different media. I love to paint and create and feel privileged that I am able to do this every day.



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