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United Kingdom

June 2019

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Amanda Johnson

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I returned to the UK from Australia when I was 18 but I had to work during the day to be able to afford my grey little bedsit in north London so I settled for taking evening classes as I was unable to afford Art College. Over the years I continued to attend these classes but I always found myself doing my own thing, but life got in the way of my artist streak so it wasn't until I moved to Derbyshire and joined an art club that I returned to painting in earnest and began selling my work. I procured several commissions, sold at Christmas craft fair, through the art club exhibitions and privately. I enjoy painting a wide range of subjects and experiment with different styles. I use paint brushes, pallet knives and sponges, either on canvas or canvas board, I also enjoy painting trinket boxes and other wooden items. I lose all sense of time when I paint and completely lose myself in the moment, my mind is never quiet, there’s always a project materialising in my mind. My preferred medium is Acrylic because I paint quickly and need something fast drying. And of course there’s an enormous variety of colours. Acrylic is very hardwearing and the colours don’t fade. I still have paintings I did in the 1980’s which are still good today.


My latest paintings are a study with sponges and depict loving couples in abstract from watching the sun set to a romantic embrace beneath the ocean.


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