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United Kingdom

May 2011

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Amanda Clarke

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As well as being an artist, I also work as an illustrator and designer. I am inspired by the beauty of nature and the craftsmanship found in old buildings. Since 1992, I specialised in painting watercolour miniatures. My main subjects have been churches, old buildings and trees in winter. My work, on average, is no larger than 8cm x 8cm (3” 5/16 x 3” 5/16) and sometimes as small as 3cm x 2cm (1” 3/16 x 13/16”). I became a member of the Hilliard Society of Miniaturists in June 2002. I found painting so small a challenge as well as feeling a special closeness in turning a large subject into a world of miniature. I’ve had my work shown in the Mall Gallery, London and was highly commended for a painting of a red telephone box (5.5cm x 4cm/ 2” 5/32 x 1” 9/16), a once everyday sight. I have won Daler Rowney competitions for my artwork. I have held many solo exhibitions throughout East Anglia and the East of England and had work in numerous galleries. My paintings can be found in America, Japan, France and Holland. I have taught on a one-to-one basis, encouraging students to find a magic and freedom in their own world of creativity. Having found a feeling of happiness and enjoyment in painting, I have begun painting to express my deep love for nature and an imaginative world that maybe happening when we are either not looking or not around. These paintings are larger than my miniatures (approx. A4 size) but still full of detail. My bright and colourful floral designs are being used by a company that sells home furnishing décor nationwide. At the moment I am concentrating mostly on my design work. I am also available for commissions within my genre.



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