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United Kingdom

January 2007

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Alison Mayor

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Having graduated in Fine Art in 1988, I continue to develop my skills in painting and pyrography. I am an instinctive worker. My speciality is people; either as a portrait or people in groups; for instance people eating together. For me, creating art is both stimulating and enriching. Much of my work these days is on wood; either as Pyrography with watercolour or simply watercolour on its own. I get excited at the pyrographic process whereby wood surfaces are lightly burnt with a special tool; and I relish the aroma of burning wood. These days I tend to paint directly onto the wood without using pyrography. This is natural, as I am first and foremost a painter! With the pyrographic work I first select a suitable size and shape wood panel for the image I have in mind. I prefer using the better quality woods as they are nicer to work with because the grain of wood is wider, paler and more interesting in appearance. The direction of the grain plays an important role in the image, and can very much enhance the overall effect of the finished image. I have exhibited my watercolours in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Stoke-on-Trent, Leamington Spa, Chester and the Assembley House, in Norwich and have sold to Delia Smith’s restaurant and the prestigious Adlard’s restaurant. Most recently exhibited work at the Fairhurst Gallery, Norwich.


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