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United Kingdom

August 2020

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Alifya hathiari

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My name is Alifya Hathiari and I am 36 years old. I always enjoyed art at school but did not pursue this route as I could not get over the struggling artist image. I later on in life in my mid- twenties joined a watercolour art evening class. I initially did this as a form of managing and working through difficult emotions but slowly and steadily my confidence with watercolour grew. I am now trying to professionalise my art by selling in galleries like this one and building up a following on You tube and Instagram and seeing where this art project goes. I enjoy watercolours. My influences are Terry Harrison for landscapes and Fiona Pert and Mitsi B Kral for flowers. I would like to develop in acrylics, seascapes and technical drawing of buildings and faces. I teach myself from you tube videos and try to do two pictures a day as a form of therapy creative expression and mindfulness all rolled into one! All pictures are for sale. I will increase the prices as my confidence and technical ability increases with time. My art audience is currently just close family and friends although I am expanding my identity within art circles and professionalising my art more these days.


A quote that sum up my work is “Do what you love and you will never a work a day in your life”


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