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August 2015

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Alfonso Auriemma

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BIOGRAPHY Alfonso Auriemma was born in Avellino, on March the 31st 1984. Since early age he was passionate with drawing and to push him, his grandmother asked him to paint a Madonna. He went then to buy oil paint and a small canvas. As a young boy he felt unsatisfied with his own work so he decided to destroy it but he kept the oil paint. Few years after he randomly found the colors in a box and so decided to try again with painting. He hadn’t a precise idea of what to paint, so he just started instinctively, finding that he liked the results. Since then he has been driven by an impulse to go on with drawing and painting and, despite the lack of academic knowledge in the field of the arts, he started his artistic career. During that period he also started the faculty of Mathematic, Physics and Natural Science in Florence (where he graduated in Industrial and Environmental Biotechnologies). In 2013 he receives a special mention for the art piece “The Capricious Queen” from the Gallery Rosso Cinabro (Rome) for the prize Visionarie VII. ARTIST STATEMENT "On the seeding and harvesting of the light" In this cycle it is plumbed the possibility that the Love, if nurtured and protected, can grow inside us and our spirit can improve making us detach from material things. This pure essence in harmony with the creation shed light and irradiate all the creatures through the divine power, creatures that are called to shine and exist for ever. But as for every thing, it starts from the simplest facts: in mathematics we start with the four basic operations to arrive perhaps to develop the most fine differential equations. The Love too is built little by little and if we wish we can arrive to very high spheres, as, for instance, to die for another being. EXHIBITIONS Group Exhibitions 2004,“Arte sotto le stelle”. Mugnano del Cardinale (Avellino); 2005, “ArtèNot”. Quadrelle (Avellino); 2007, “Giovane arte europea…continua”. Galleria La Pergola (Florence); 2011,“Break-face oltre il volto”. (Naples); 2014,Spazio 40 Gallery (Rome); 2015, "Museum Factory", Museo Irpino, (Avellino); 2015,"Arte nella Fede", Abbazia del Loreto di Mercogliano (Avellino); 2015,"I love Rome", Flyer Art Gallery (Rome); 2015,"I colori della poesia", Palazzo dell'orologio di Pomigliano d'Arco (Naples). 2016. "Contaminazioni e Mutazioni"- Art Performing Festival - Castel dell'Ovo (Naples). 2017. CORPUS - cura di Marina Guida - Sabato Angiero Art Gallery, Saviano (Naples). Solo Exhibitions 2007, “ArtèNot”. Quadrelle (Avellino); 2011, “One moment”. Vitctoria Pub (London); 2015, "Infiniti luoghi bellissimi", Complesso Monumentale San Severo al Pendino (Naples). 2016. Codici umani: "Se mi dichiari guerra io t'amerò lo stesso". Art Point della Banca Popolare del Mediterraneo (Naples). 2016. "Codici"- Art Performing Festival - Amarelli Show Room (Naples). 2016. "Sulla capacità dell'uomo di non farsi notare" - cura di Gianni Nappa- WeSpace (Naples) Prize 2013, special mention to “La regina capricciosa”, VISIONARIE VII prize. Galleria Rosso Cinabro (Rome). 2017, special mention to the project "On the seeding and harvesting of the light", PADOVA ART FAIR 2017, "CONTEST SHOW AND TELL"


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