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University of the Arts London

June 2019

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Alessia Camoirano Bruges

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Alessia Camoirano Bruges encourages a conversation around identity and human emotions. Alessia's fine art portrays  intense powerful images and colours, psychedelic as well as powerful lyrics an texts. Alessia's hands are guided by her needs as a woman and inner child. For each painting, Alessia writes lyrics which give a  deeper meaning to the artwork.  Alessia's pieces radiate different influences, mixing different vivid, iridescent colours and techniques. Alessia believes that art is not just to be seen; is to be felt. Alessia Camoirano Bruges focuses her attention on women empowerment and mental health. Each piece is an experience, explore what images your mind creates. What do you see? Exhibitions: -Palazzo Cerru' Verona (2018) -Walton Fine Art Gallery 2019 (London) -Disembody/Reconcile 2019 (London) -Gallery du 808 2019 (Bristol) -Visions/Anima Mundi 2019 (Venice) -Power 2019 (South Korea) -God Save The Queen 2019 (London) -The Dragon Cafe 2020 (London) -Nou Gallery 2019 -Laura I. Gallery 2019 -Gallery du 808 2020 -The Dragon Cafe 2020 -Gallery du 808 -Palazzo Ceru' 2020


When I paint, I feel connected to something greater than myself. These canvases are so personal, they are a vivid representation of my inner self when I look at them, things make sense. What I do is not a choice but a need to create always to let out parts of myself that I can no longer carry with me, whether they are healthy or unhealthy parts. Doing abstract art taught me to let things go. When I let go, I am finally free from unhealthy fear, anxiety hurt. Emotions are fluid, they are continually moving, and despite feeling them intensely, despite the despair, they pass. I can be free, I can be whoever I want to be.


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