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United Kingdom

November 2008

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Alan Pickersgill

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I am a largely self taught artist although I did art lessons through secondary school (thick paint, thicker brushes and blotting paper) and managed to get an O-Level. I paint water colours and acrylics but my real joy is pencil drawing. Being able to see a spark of life in a drawing is a truly magnificent feeling. I retired a few years ago after a working life in the IT industry, since then I have undertaken some of the art projects I never found time for while working. For the past 3 years I have exhibited at the Denmead Art Show in Hampshire. As I now find more time available to me I have started to blend my other interest - photography - with my art to develop pictures that are more of a construction of feelings than an attempt to reflect a scene from reality.


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just my kind of thing I love sketches

Submitted by Nicola Z 04/08/2014


Submitted by Nicola Z 04/08/2014