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April 2015

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Alan Harris

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" My work is my life, each piece is like a diary of my emotions and feelings on my journey through time. " Born in 1950s London, Alan has always had a flair for being creative. He attended Strand Grammar where, like most schools of the time, academic discipline was paramount. “My interests in creativity were greatly inspired by my father who spent much of his free time making and mending and sharing his skills with me.”Alan liked to paint and became engrossed in art and handicrafts around twenty years ago, establishing his own style that has been appreciated by many. His early paintings, mostly simple watercolours, depicted scenes of everyday life. Now he is dedicated full time to painting and recently has moved on to developing other techniques and experimenting with work in different mediums. Currently, he has studios in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, where he passes long periods working and studying new forms of art Alan has been largely influenced by the images of post war Europe. His work shows scenes from his childhood mixed with stories of his forefathers, creating a personal and intimate world of nostalgia in each of his paintings. Dream like spaces and empty, cold streets are characteristic of Alan's artwork, but though they may lack people they are still infused with activity. Whether an overflowing dustbin, a cat hiding in the corner, or a forgotten can of Coke, Alan's art reflects life and memories in a way that conjures images of the household and a strong sense of family. Though they may appear empty on the surface, Alan's work inspires the viewer with feelings of both happiness and warm nostalgia. Those very same spaces depicted in Alan's work may well be the streets of London where he was born, Newcastle, where he currently lives, or anywhere else, but even viewers find something they recognize among the painting. Each picture is an image created by an artist who relies upon his memory to convey the very issues with it. Alan is able to truly embody memory in a way that showcases both its importance, wonderfulness and even its frailty...



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