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May 2018

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Ageliki Alexandridou

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Ageliki is a realist artist from Greece. She grew up at Thessaloniki and after graduation, she studied Fashion Design participating as a designer at Dimitreli's Organization's fashion show at the NTNG (June 1991). As a military spouse, she lived for 2 decades in various parts of Greece. Mother of two children, she began her academical studies in 2002 at the age of 32. She graduated from the SECEd AUTH and subsequently got accepted into the Department of Sociology at the University of Aegean. She started painting in 2011. In August 2017, she settled permanently at a small town at western Greece, Preveza, where she maintains her workshop to this day. Today her artworks can be found in private collections at Melbourne, N. York, Middle East, Europe and in public buildings at Greece. Education: 1989-91: Fashion Designing at Dimitrellis Organization (Thessaloniki, Greece) 2002-06: Preschool Education at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece 2006-07: e-Marketing at CPE, Samos, Greece 2007-09: Sociology at Ionian Univercity, Mytilini, Greece


“I love painting because it's a silent, but universal art. It speaks though all the languages of the world at the same time. It can be translated into quality time, development, expression, serenity. A whole world where everything is possible... ... More than anything, I love portraying the beauty of human beings. To capture the expression, the look. My goal when I paint is to convey the magic I see to the observer. I keep looking, searching, experimenting, since I believe that art, as much as every kind of knowledge, is an internal and eternal processing... "


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