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United Kingdom

June 2010

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Afsheen Nasir

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Originally from Pakistan, Afsheen has lived in the UK since 1994. Whilst predominantly self-taught, her drawing technique, in particular, is influenced by the Pakistani artist Iqbal Mehdi who she worked under for a short period of time. However, unlike Mehdi’s emphasis on realism, Afsheen is more interested in evoking an immersive feel through use of perspective. Using Indian ink as well as traditional pen, Afsheen believes that the process of creation is as important as the end result. The repetitive ‘lakeers’ or straight lines each have an underlying energy and lend a dark and loud quality to the works. Afsheen has exhibited with Woking and Weybridge art societies. Her works have also been selected for exhibition at the Lightbox gallery through the Surrey Open Arts competition, and at the Mall Galleries through the BBC’s ‘Show me The Monet’ programme.


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Very pleased with the painting.

Submitted by Julian E 09/09/2013


Submitted by Julian E 09/09/2013