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United Kingdom

June 2019

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Ady Wright

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Originally a soldier injured whilst serving overseas and introduced to painting through art therapy, I then painted in total solitude for eight years. During this time I passionately self studied, reading countless books and watching endless art tutorials on youtube and quizzing other artists. During those difficult years painting was the light. Gradually the light got brighter and brighter until my entire day was consumed by painting. I was also getting used to being in a wheelchair and other mobility issues so I must reiterate how painting was "the light" in my life. After eight years I offered my work to the curator of a local gallery and was instantly offered a solo exhibition, the exhibition was a sell out! Such was the success, the local BBC TV news channel (bbc look north) picked up the story and after my third TV interview I began to believe my work was actually of a reasonable standard. Since then (approx 2 years) the value of my paintings have increased dramatically. I am now working in a shared professional artist studio/gallery. I consider my work contemporary and I feel I am constantly evolving. As an artist it is so easy to just sit on what sells and churn them out, however this is something I will never do. I value my integrity as an artist above all and refuse to compromise my work in any way, so if you ask me to use a certain colour to match your sofa you already know what the answer will be. Painting is my life, above all I paint because it makes me feel good. Yes it's really that simple.


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