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United Kingdom

August 2015

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Adriana Dziuba

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Adriana Dziuba is an artist specializing in cityscape and landscape abstract paintings. She is a Bournemouth based painter originally from a small town in Poland. "My inspiration comes from everywhere, allowing for vast freedom and scope for creativity. A new project can stem from a tiny idea or detail I may have focused on including shapes, unusual colour combinations, beautiful landscapes or vibrant cities and towns. I work with acrylic paint and various palette knives to achieve bold highly textured modern artwork. I find playing with vibrant color and bold texture a very exciting process. Within my portfolio you will find mainly city landscapes often with person or group of people completing unique and beautiful one of a kind scene I have witnessed and wanted to capture. I am taking my inspiration from the beautiful places I have visited or would love to visit and interpreting them through modern expressionism and impressionism."


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very nice painting as described

Submitted by John N 08/02/2016



Submitted by John N 08/02/2016