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United Kingdom

October 2016

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Adorjan Varadi

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Adorjan and Zoltan are working together on abstract art around various subjects. Inspiration is drawn from travels around Europe and the little things that are unseen by the majority along the way - to show you a wonderful world thru our eyes in the deepest detail possible and let your imagination fly and your thoughts loose whenever you look at a piece. Working together with a uniquely talented Australian digital artist on paintings which first are made using balloons, salad dryers, kids' toy cars, leaves from trees, a piece of apple and sometimes good old paintbrushes to form something around an idea in a way that is not seen elsewhere too much. Each technique used gives a distinctive pattern to the piece and enhances our ability to express the subtle. Each set of paintings are then digitised and further enhanced with digital techniques for the piece to gain it's final form and full potential saying more about the subject and help you wonder in our world a bit where the subjects were drawn from.


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