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United States

June 2018

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Adam Zafrian

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Adam Zafrian is a fine art student currently based out of his birthplace, New York City. His work features techniques reminiscent of the well known abstract expressionists before him with new explorations into mediums and applications previously unavailable. Studying not only the techniques of a multitude of other abstract expressionists such as Pollock, Richter, Kline and Rothko, he has also attempted to include contemporary tools and ideas in his art. Using acrylic polymers, intensely pigmented mediums from new studios competing to create the deepest and most vibrant paints, and the work of Kremer Pigments which creates historically accurate colors from high quality raw materials, his artwork is pushing boundaries for the new abstract expressionist wave of painters. From brighter vibrant triptychs to more bold color palettes, his abstract works featured here is also known for their highly textured and organic composition. There are also other expressionist paintings of various styles including portraits, landscapes, and geometric mixed media artworks. He currently manages the Thirty Collaborate's schedule and social media accounts and is accepting collaboration requests/commissions.


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