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United Kingdom

January 2008

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Aaron Lawrence

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I started painting when I was about 12 years old mainly in Water colours. My paintings would range from wildlife in water colours to people in pastels. I have recently started painting again after encouragement from my wife as I hadn't picked a paint brush up for over 15 years. I started to paint again in Watercolours and have now started using Oils. My best friends painting was selected for the highly commended category in Patchings Farm exhibition which gave me the confidence to chase after my dream of one day painting full time. Towards the end of 2008 my work was on display at a Christmas Art Exhibition in London on the 4th December which really gave me the confidence to try new subjects and styles. Since then my art has been on display in Nottingham in various places such as Sherwood Artweek. I think my favourite subjects to paint are wildlife and flora, but I'm really enjoying trying new subjects. I look forward to more opportunities of displaying my art in the future.


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