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Commissions for both paintings and book illustrations
Persona Perspective solo exhibition Cells Gallery
Femme Facade Drake Manor Buckland Monochorum
Woohoo group summer exhibition Exmouth
Love Yourself group exhibition The Secret Gallery Totnes
Love exhibition The Glorious Art House Exeter
The Belly of the Whale group exhibition Exmouth
Back to the Future group exhibition Powderhad Castle - where my submission was purchased by the Earl.

United Kingdom

Plymouth College of Art and Design

February 2020

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Rosie Cunningham Portrait Art

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Since a small child I have found pleasure in creating art and I have been a professional artist for over twenty years. My art has found global acclaim and my paintings have been bought by collectors from Italy, France, Australia, Lanzarote, Switzerland and throughout the UK. Since leaving art college I travelled extensively throughout the Far East, America and Europe. My use and love of vibrant colours comes from my time spent in the Far East and the sunny climes of Southern Europe. I have recently joined a business partner to help run Woohoo Art Events, a community led initiative, which supports and provides a platform for emerging artists to show and sell their art throughout the UK.


For me art is life; without it I could not exist.


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